Body of Work by MC Paul Barman(2008)


Hypocritical oaf
Defy the Hippocratical Oath?
Male? Female circumcision?
I'm a critic of both.
All yall so called followers of God I'll accuse
Think you should see heaven should see jail for child abuse.
So medieval - unquestioned by normally intelligent people
Looks in a locker room's reason for decison?
Don't want to disgust his future women?
Shame on you
Not all women feel the same as you
Where would be without tradition?
I'm hopin ya reconsider.
You'd draw a baby's blood, won't leave without a babysitter.
I can predict the responses of a selected collective unconscious.
Man, woman, old, young,
unhold the tongue that stayed mainly mum
You're more scared of smegma than depleted uranium!
On the daily snip new patients
Why not 'MALE Genital Mutilation'?
Cause the genitals aren't identical?
Why are clitoridectomies more animal?
Who says you're more civilized?
Swivel your eyes to the mirror,
see clearer you live a lie of privileged drivel.
Let's compromise -
punch him in the face
with a truncheon or mace
when he's born.
Just a taste of tough love
Something his phallus-mini and Palestinians can't get enough of.
Your emotions are chemicals
Your heart is just ventricles and atrii.
Some traditions such as circumcision make me die.
And what's this lil JAP's shell gone worth?
Aww, he's got his mom's eys.
his dad's mutilated genitalia.
Late capitalism's hell on earth.
iIm not noncommittal bout the natural laws it mocks.
Keep my little black book in a safety deposit box.
Her middle back shook to count bass d because it rocks.
Circumcision's pointless black, blue or orthodox.
So son can't recall your first act of butchery

mazel tov


(I'm) a foreskin hated more than abortion
Nobody loves me. They think I'm ugly

(I'm) keeping the glans clean
My very first day of life and you hack me off like I'm gangrene

(I'm) more despondent than a foreign correspondent
Men would live more sensitive if you left me on it

(I'm) god's gift to women.
He gotta go slow with me, leave her totally grinnin

(I'm) constantly changing
Bring pain if you search for the same thing

(I'm) vital like breast milk
Mess with your own ilk and it's no stretch to kill others

(I'm) a baby
And I may grow up to hate you for what you ain't gave me

(I'm) here to stay when you get over your egos
Wherever you chuck me, that's where a tree grows


AIDS makes people fraid to get laid
Let's trade knowledge and make that shit fade
It's transmitted in semen and blood
You can't git it from a kiss or a hug
It's bugged that we're teamless unlike extremists
HIV via intravenous or anus to penis
Where you might shit, it's a tight fit
Break blood vessels no light hit
Sexual revolution, eventual confusion.
No tests then for preventable pollution
of T-cells, rebels, bleed, heed well to stay protected
No matter who's elected, it's still the same
If Europe were infected, we'd drop pills from planes
Big pharm pimped em but it may be impossible
to do more than suppress a symptom
They paid for a race war instead of an AIDS cure

How friends and fam react sets the tone
some are disowned, thrown out the home
everyone deserves love, never left alone
You can't get AIDS from shared silverware
There's no need to spray toilet seat with aer-
osol, wherewithal, please. You can't get AIDS
from a cough, sneeze, even if someone bleeds
it would have to be directly into a fresh wound
with flesh ruined or unprotected sex.
Half a million people don't know they're infected in the U.S.
They're more dangerous than those who came up positive in tests.
So please tell the next kid, go get tested.
A problem won't go away unless we address it.